Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, ZAETRIC provides technical writing, business support and printing and binding services to multiple industries, worldwide.  Our services are structured to provide a quality work product and relieve the workload of our client’s key project and operational personnel so they have more time to focus their core competencies on mission critical activities. Read about the ZAETRIC Project Approach.
Our services include:

Technical Writing

  • Technical writing for a variety of subject matter topics
  • Document development, merging and editing of a wide range of document types
  • Document standards and template development
  • Document management evaluation and support

Business Support

  • Vendor and project management process evaluation
  • Proposal, quotation and contract development and management
  • Business startup and business support services

Printing & Binding

  • Printing and binding in a variety of sizes and types
  • CD production, duplication and printing
  • Design and printing of brochures and marketing collateral

Zaetric Confidentiality Policy

At ZAETRIC, we respect the confidential nature of our client’s intellectual property and subject matter.  All work governed by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and non-publicity covenants is kept strictly confidential.  All documentation and related work content and intellectual property are approved by and remain the sole property of the client.  Transmission of information (email, web or hard copy) is performed under procedures using either client or ZAETRIC secure communication protocol(s).

Why use ZAETRIC?

Technical documentation development and business support requirements often become crisis-driven activities absorbing your key business resources, hindering business progress and impacting schedules.  Establishing a relationship with ZAETRIC, as a qualified and dependable outside provider of on-demand technical documentation development and business support services, will result in a lower cost of operation and allow the company SMEs to focus their valuable time on mission-critical activities.  Read here how ZAETRIC’s service can improve efficiency and lower your cost of operation.

ZAETRIC’s range of support services, when combined, provides a truly turn-key solution to your technical documentation and business operation support needs.  Please contact us for a review and solution proposal to address your unique business challenges.

White papers, a company brochure and useful links can be found at Links & Papers.