Benefits and Clients


ZAETRIC professionals have a working familiarity with the client’s business area and efficiently perform the often burdensome task of document merging, technical writing, graphics development or revision and editing textual content for technical continuity, correct grammar, punctuation and other critical documentation development factors. In relieving the majority of this documentation development burden from the client’s technical staff, they can focus their core competencies on mission critical work.

Technical documentation is often the final and perhaps only tangible work deliverable from a large engineering or scientific work effort. ZAETRIC ensures that the document deliverable is carefully developed with regard to content readability, proper grammar and sentence structure, message or phrase continuity throughout the document, graphical clarity, and publication quality and functionality.

Our business support services aid small to medium companies in evaluating and improving their business operations, vendor management, contract management, proposal development or project management process activities. Our business startup services help new companies with startup document development.


At ZAETRIC, confidentiality is a driving principle. We respect the confidential nature of our client’s intellectual property and subject matter.  All work governed by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and non-publicity covenants is kept strictly confidential.  All documentation and related work content and intellectual property are approved by and remain the sole property of the client.

ZAETRIC clients are primarily technical or scientific private and public companies.. Their business types include but are not limited to the following:

  • E&P companies
  • Drilling contractors
  • Oil & gas service companies
  • Technical consulting companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Consulting engineers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Repair & refurbishment shops
  • QA/HSE consulting firms
  • Custom Fabricators