Printing and Binding

printing and bindingZAETRIC has in-house printing and binding services in its Houston-area office which produce professional-class printed documents and marketing collateral.

Since technical and business documentation are often a critical work deliverable from an engineering, scientific or business work effort, the quality and timely delivery of that final documentation is extremely important.

ZAETRIC offers professional-class printing and binding services in the following areas:

ZAETRIC has the in-house printing and binding equipment to support the oil and gas industry requirements to provide and deliver printed documentation on an expedited basis.  Every effort will be made to deliver your printed and bound documentation in the fastest possible manner and to the destination required.

ZAETRIC has the capability to perform high-speed digital scanning with or without OCR.

ZAETRIC’s printing and binding services complement its technical writing and business support services to provide a truly turn-key solution to your documentation and business support needs.

Please contact us for a review and proposal to address your business printing and binding challenges.

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