Technical Writing for a Variety of Subject Matter Topics

ZAETRIC technical writing services benefit technical clients in various situations including:

  • Meeting deadlines for technical documentation completion with dedicated technical writing services.
  • Providing technical writing services when subject matter experts (SMEs) or other staff are overloaded.
  • Compiling content from multiple SMEs to read as if written by one author.
  • Checking and editing document punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, units of measure to ensure overall document readability.
  • Ensuring document content and phraseology matched the intended readership.

ZAETRIC technical writers work with the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs) and other staff to develop fit for purpose technical documentation which is compliant to client requirements including the applicable business, project, industry or regulatory standards.

To read more about how technical writers work to benefit a project or business team, read our white paper “Improving Engineering Workflow in Technical Communications”.

Typical subject matter topics include:

  • Oil and gas drilling and completions
  • Engineering and scientific data
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Software
  • Lessons Learned
  • Commercial (contract / proposal development /
    management, business startup)
  • Project and vendor management
  • QA/HSE
  • Operations and services (offshore &
  • Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Event or accident investigation

To see the type of documents ZAETRIC technical writers deal with, read more at Document development, merging and editing of a wide range of document types.

To read more about lessons learned documents, read our white paper: Lessons Learned




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